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Personal Detailsnadia-2013
Date of birth: 22 February 1956, Bologna
Nationality: Italian
University of Bologna
Laboratori R. Sartori
Via S. Alberto, 163
48123 Ravenna
Tel.: +39-0544-937.332
Fax +39-0544-937.323
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Short CV

Nadia PINARDI holds a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Harvard University, and she is associate tenure professor of Oceanography at Bologna University, Italy. Her interests range from ocean numerical modelling and forecasting to data assimilation, predictability and numerical modelling of the marine physical-biological interactions. She has written more than hundred papers in peer reviewed journals on a wide range of subjects. The last topic of her research is the understanding of uncertainties in ensemble forecasting and oil spill numerical modelling coupled to operational oceanographic forecasts.

She has coordinated, since the middle of the nineties, the development and implementation of operational oceanography in the Mediterranean Sea, inside the strategy of the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) of Unesco-IOC. She is the director of the National Group of Operational Oceanography of the Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia Operativa that she directs from 2004. She has been a member of the European Environment Agency Scientific Advisory Committee and member of the European Research Council for Earth Sciences. She is now co-president of the Joint Committee for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology (JCOMM), a WMO and Unesco-IOC coordinating group for the development of operational meteo-marine and oceanographic services. Nadia Pinardi was awarded in 2007 the European Geophysical Union (EGU) Fridtjof Nansen Medal for Oceanography and in June 2008 the Roger Revelle Unesco Medal.

1976-1980: Degree in Physics, Bologna University, 110/110 cum laude.
1981-1993: Master in Applied Physics, Harvard University, Cambridge, U.S.A.
1983-1985: Ph.D. in Applied Physics (Physical Oceanography), Harvard University, Cambridge, U.S.A.

Italian Professional Experiences

Year Professional experience
1999- present Associate Professor of Physical Oceanography at University of Bologna, Dept. of Environmental Sciences, Ravenna
2004-2011 Director of the National Group for Operational Oceanography, INGV
2001-present Associate researcher (scientific affiliation) at Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV)
2007-present Associate researcher (scientific affiliation) at Centro Euro-Mediterraneo per i Cambiamenti Climatici, Bologna.
2000-2003 Associate researcher (scientific affiliation) at Istituto Geologia Marina-CNR, Bologna
1994-1998 Lecturer of Geophysical Fluid Dynamics at University of Bologna, Dept. in Ravenna, Italy.

January 1987-October 1999

Research scientist at Istituto per lo Studio delle MetodologieGeofisiche Ambientali-CNR, Bologna



2007: European Geophysical Union (EGU) Fridtjof Nansen Medal for Oceanography.
2008: UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission Roger Revelle Medal.

US Professional Experiences


Professional experience

October 1986-December 1988

Post-Doctoral Fellow in Physical Oceanography, Harvard Univ., Cambridge, U.S.A. (6 months in a year)

January 1992-June 1994

Visiting scientist at the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey, USA (part-time, 6 months in a year).

July 1992-2001

Visiting scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), Boulder, Colorado


Visiting scientist at the North West Research Associates, Colorado Research Associates (CoRA), Boulder, Colorado


Visiting scientist at the Cooperative Institute for Rsearch in Environmental Sciences (CIRES), University of Colorado, Boulder, USA


National, international and advisory committees (from 2006 only)


Professional experience
2005-2008 Member of the Ruder Boskovic Institute (Croatia) Science Advisory Board.
2006-2011 Chair of the Mediterranean Operational Oceanography Network (MOON)
2006-2012 Member of the Institute of Advanced Studies of Bologna University.
2006-2009 Member of the Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory (POL) Science Advisory Board.


Member of the Space Advisory Group, European FP7 Space Programme.


Member of the European Research Council, Committee for Earth Sciences.


Member of the European Environmental Agency Scientific Steering Committee.


Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) National Contact person at the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC)


Co-president of the Joint Committee for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology


Editorial Activities

1999-2006: Topic Editor of the Annales Geophysicae, EGU Journal, Ocean section.

2005-present: Topic Editor of Ocean Sciences, EGU Journal

2007-present: Associate editor, Journal of Operational Oceanography

2011: Member of the Editorial Board of The Sea, Harvard University Press

2012-present: Topic Editor of Natural Hazards and Earth System Science

Teaching and thesis supervision

2009-present: Undergraduate course in 'Introduction to meteorology and oceanography', Dept. of Environmental Sciences.
2000-present: Undergraduate course in 'Geophysical Fluid dynamics', Dept. of Environmental Sciences.
2000-present: Undergraduate course in 'Physical Oceanography', Dept. of Environmental Sciences.
2008-present: Undergraduate course: Meteorology and Oceanography, Dept. of Environmental Sciences
2000-2010: Graduate course in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics and Physical Oceanography at University of Bologna, Genova University and University Cà Foscari, Venice

Master students: 36
Ph.D. students: 17 (3 international)


Organisation of Conferences

October 1995 Chairperson of the “Mediterranean Forecasting” Conference of the European Service Fundation, La Londe Le Moures, France.
June 30-July 13, 1997 Chairperson of the MAST Advanced School on Ocean Forecasting, Oristano, Sardinia.
June 2001 GLOBEC Workshop on ecosystem data assimilation, co-chair with Prof. A.R.Robinson.
2003-2007 Chair of EGU session: Mediterranean Sea: a laboratory for interdisciplinary studies and climate research.



  • N. Pinardi and J.D. Woods. Ocean Forecasting: conceptual basis and applications, Springer-Verlag, pp.472 (2002)
  • G. Montanari and N. Pinardi, 2006. Le correnti costiere dell’Emilia Romagna nel periodo 1995-2002 (The current of Emilia Romagna coastal strip during the period 1995-2002). I quaderni di ARPA.
  • N.Pinardi, 2009. Misurare il mare, Luigi Ferdinando Marsili nel Bosforo e nell’Egeo, 1679-1680. Bononia University Press

Relevant international coordination and national research activities (from 2006 only)

(from 1988 a total of 30 scientific projects, 12 of them coordinated by Pinardi)

2005-2006: Scientific coordinator of Neres project (NEretva River Delta Environmental Requalification and Sustainable Development) financed by the Italian Ministry of Environment developing the Neretva monitoring system for salt intrusion control and management.

2007-2010: Partner of the national project Progetto Pilota Inquinamento marino da idrocarburi (PRIMI) for the development of oi spill monitoring and forecasting.

2007-2014 Partner of the EEA European Topic Centre for Water (ETC-WATER), developing interfaces with the GMES european ocean monitoring and forecasting center.

Apr2007-Apr2009: Co-principal investigator of Office of Naval Research project 'Bayesian Hierarchical Models to Augment the Mediterranean Forecast System: Extending Ensemble Ocean Forecast Skill'.

Oct2001- present: Scientific coordinator of the ADRICOSM (ADRIatic sea integrated COastal areaS and river basin Management system) Partnership, a UN Type II initiative for the Oceans and coastal Seas (Johannesburg, 2002).

March 2007-June 2010: Scientific co-ordinator of ADRICOSM-STAR (ADRIatic sea integrated COastal areaS and river basin Management system - Montenegro coaSTal ARea and Bojana river catchment) funded by the Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea. The Project involves 19 laboratories from four countries (Italy, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania) and it is admnistratively coordinated by CMCC.

Nov. 2010- Oct. 2011: Scientific coordinator of the World Bank Project 'Lake Skadar-Shkoder Integrated Ecosystem Management Project' managed at CMCC and funded through the Montenegrin Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism. The project developed a coupled meteorological-hydrological- and oceanographic modelling system to study impacts of urban development and energy production scenarios.

Mar2008-2014: Partner and Member of the Steering Board of MyOcean and MyOcean2 projects for the implementation of the GMES Marine Services for the EU Space program.

Jan 2012 – Dec 2014, Scientific coordinator of the national project 'Advanced Technologies for the Situational Sea Awareness' for the upgrading of coastal forecasting for the Italian Seas and develop end-user products from the operational oceanographic services.